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Second on my list of musical things to admire, is a guy called Plastikman. He basically created minimal (in Detroit in the ’90s), and was responsible for a large proportion of my interest in minimal and tech-house. The man made music about acid, on acid, for people taking acid.

This is what he looks like.

aka Platikman

And this is what he looks like on acid

So his music is a slow, pulsating mix of ambient sounds and hard, analogue, fat bass. What I imagine life would sound like if you took away all the words.

He uses simple, clear tones, and masterfully subtle changes in panning and resonance make for a superb flowing quality. It is his minimal yet throbbing use of synths, drums, bass, and ambience (occasionally only a few at a time) which pull one ever deeper and deeper into the spiral of the music’s soul..

Plastikman – Skizofrenik MP3 Download

You cats can hear more from him at his website or on youtube. (The remixes are dope too)



So one of the few main facets of my mind is dedicated to music of all sorts. My parents first exposed me to it as an infant (and it was a wholly classical infancy, with Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Bach) but it was only after a few years of listening to my Dad play my Mum classical guitar that I first got into it. I picturing music like a fluid, waving into your ears from all around you, washing over and pulsing through your mind, getting soaked up in all your thoughts. Where the sounds lap over each other and pool together we think of lyrics or tones which express them, we let them flow out our mouths and hands and into the world where they can break like waves over our peers’ ears.

It is at this moment where I shall invite you to stop listening to your mental voice reading these words aloud, and listen to this instead.